What is the Best and Simplest Solution for Acne?

Teenage life is seen to be dictated by social pressures. These youngsters live according to what is ‘in’ and what is not, and for them; the eruption of acne is a major cause of despair. Affected children are seen to go through depression, anxiety and low self esteem.

What exactly causes puppy acne is still unknown. Many factors contribute; these include hormones, diet, vitamin deficiency, stress and evolution biology. It is during teenage life that these factors peak and lead to a combination of skin eruptions and consequent stress. For years people have tried to focus on these factors to find an acne solution, but no wonder drug has evolved as yet.

Regular Cleansing Is The Best Acne Treatment Regime for Acne Control

Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acids are two simple chemicals, commonly found in over the counter face washes and scrubs. Regular uses of these products help keep the skin clean and clear without depending on harsh prescription medicines.

It should be remembered that a generous amount of the solution should be applied on the dry face and left for fifteen minutes. After washing, moisturizer can be applied to avoid excessive drying of the skin.

Things to be avoided in order to reach an acne solution are the use of washcloths, over scrubbing and rubbing dry with towels. It is also important to prevent irritation of the face at all times. For example, by picking at pimples, allowing oily hair to touch the face, excess sun exposure and using all sorts of make up.

Patients suffering from acne should take precaution to avoid flare ups. Make up, shaving cream and other face products, should always read non-comedogenic or oil free. The cleansing regime should be followed twice a day and should be adhered to strictly, in order to find the perfect acne solution for oneself.

Some individuals have a habit of picking at their pimples, which causes it to become infected and often takes a longer time to heal, leaving deeper scars. This is not a good acne solution. Most dermatologists find this totally unacceptable, but some specialists says that it can be done, if the affected person takes the right steps. These include, using a sterilized needle, and making sure the pimple is ready to pop. Whether or not the pimple is ready can be confirmed through its appearance. White, crusted pimples can be removed, whereas red, painful pimples should be given more time to mature.

Acne is usually a self limited condition, but sometimes, a dermatologist’s opinion becomes mandatory. Painful, pus-filled lesions, with whiteheads and blackheads should be seen by a specialist, as this often requires stronger prescription medicine.

Patience is the key to reach an acne solution. Though the presence of pimples on the skin has a severe effect psychosocially, affected people should realize that too much tampering will make the case worse. Proper cleansing and avoiding further irritation will help lesions heal quicker and prevent formation of new ones.