What Is The Best Adult Acne Treatment?

Adult acne treatment is often overlooked when discussing acne treatments. Acne affects as many as half all adult women, and a quarter of the adult male population, so adult acne treatment is an important discussion. Acne is not really a problem of just adolescence. It can affect people of all ages. And it is more common than many people think for an adult to seek acne treatment.

Medication Is Not Always The Answer

Many adults are under the false assumption that acne is a childhood problem. When adults have acne breakouts, they often rush to their doctor and demand medication. Now, if a sudden outbreak of acne occurs in an adult, it is a good idea to seek medical advice for your adult acne treatment, because many adult acne breakouts are caused by hormone imbalances, but do not be too quick to head for strong medications. Often a simple acne product may take care of the problem. Commonly prescribed antibiotics can cause other problems in an adult, such as yeast infections, and too much antibiotics can actually cause your body to be less resistant to diseases.

Good Skin Care Products

The best skin care products on the market today for adult acne treatment are those containing benzoyl peroxide. This product makes the best possible acne treatment for adults and teens alike. Oxy products and Clearasil both contain benzoyl peroxide.

Good Step By Step Acne Treatment

Start treating your adult acne by washing your face with a gentle cleanser. There are multiple cleansers that will work, but Cetaphil is one of the best. Make sure that your cleanser does not strip your skin of necessary moisture.

Once you have cleansed your skin, then you need to medicate. This is where the benzoyl peroxide comes in. Make sure that it is at least 2.5% concentration of benzoyl peroxide. Do not over dry your skin with too much medication. 2.5% is the best concentration. Give your skin a couple of weeks to adjust to the medication. As your skin adjusts, increase the amount of time you medicate each day. Be careful if you have sensitive skin, though.

The last step of an adult acne treatment regimen is moisturizing. Benzoyl peroxide can dry out your skin, and moisturizing will put the needed moisture, in the right balance, back into your skin. Cetaphil makes and excellent moisturizer that has the right balance of moisture. Men who suffer from adult acne should be careful with the razor that they choose. Using a sensitive skin razor will help keep acne from coming back when you shave.