The Cause Of Acne Revisited

What are the causes of acne? There are many myths out there about different things, like greasy food, being the cause of acne. The fact is, the cause of acne is not entirely known. Doctors know what factors can bake acne worse, but what makes one person have acne and another person not have it is still unknown.

Many believe acne is caused by genetics. It seems to be that if your parents struggled with acne as teens, you will too. Heredity is a possible cause of acne. If you struggled with acne, do not be surprised if you children do as well.

Puberty seems to be a cause of acne onset. Doctors believe that the hormones, which are called androgens, which are increased during puberty, may be a cause of acne. The androgens make the sebaceous gland enlarge. When it enlarges, it creates more sebum, which clogs the pores and can be a cause of acne. Similarly, the hormones associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle can bring on an onset of acne. The same applies to pregnancy hormones. Stress also brings on hormonal changes and can cause acne flair ups.

There seems to be an indication that certain drugs, including lithium and androgens, can be a cause of acne. And yes, cosmetics can make acne worse, because many cosmetics are grease based, and the grease can cause the follicle cells to stick together, creating clogged pores. Finally, irritants to the skin, such as tight collars or backpacks, can create or worsen acne breakouts.

Common Myths About Acne

But there are many common myths about the cause of acne. For example, has your grandmother ever told you that eating chocolate can make acne breakouts happen? Simply not true. Food has very little affect on causing acne. There seems to be an indication that long-term changes in your diet can help reduce acne, but it is not a cause.

Also, another myth says that someone with acne has dirty skin. Dirt is not a cause of acne. It seems to be that hormones and grease are more likely the causes of acne breakouts. People with acne can clean their skin as much as they want, and it will not affect the acne, unless they are using cleansers that reduce the oil in the skin. Oil in the skin can be a legitimate cause of acne.

So the next time you face an acne breakout, realize that it is not likely something you did. Take measures to clear up the breakout, and go about your life. There is little you can do to keep acne from occurring.