Small Tips – Great Alternative Acne Help

People who suffer from acne are desperate to get rid of this sensitive affliction. Those who have the money, spare no expenses in the treatment for acne. Those who have not are always on the look out for some good tips from their friends or Internet. This article today will show you some very simple remedies for acne that any one can perform with excellent results.

Why Spend Good Money If You Can Get All The Acne Alternative Treatment Help From Your Own Kitchen?

The treatment of acne, whether through a doctor or through the million and one ads that keep popping up is usually very expensive? This is why it is out of reach for many people. Many do not know however, that there are sufficiently potent ingredients in your own kitchen to get as much acne help as you wanted and needed. Let us see what those magic ingredients are.

1. Acne help No 1 – Plain old vinegar – most of the times, people use apple cider vinegar for the treatment of acne. However, you should note that any vinegar is as efficient in cleaning your skin of the extra oiliness, and killing off the facial bacteria which cause the infection. You can use a solution of 8:1 water: vinegar directly applied onto the face with cotton; leave it to dry and rinse after ten minutes.

2. Acne help No 2 – Lemon – this citrus is an excellent cleanser of skin. The lemon juice can be rubbed on the face and then cleaned the next day morning. This will ensure that you have your skin totally oil-free and hence healthy as it could be.

3. Acne help No 3 – Egg white – this has mainly used as an instant face lift agent. It also absorbs extra oiliness from the skin as well as helps in exfoliating the facial skin. Take the egg white, beat it a little and then apply on the face. As soon as it dries up, maximum 15 minutes, rinse it off.

4. Acne help No 4 – Vitamin B5 is exceptionally potent in controlling acne. You will need to take this Vitamin in dosages of about 10 grams per day in order to really make an impact on the acne; and this should be done daily.

5. Acne help No 5 – Oatmeal – this is a very basic and simple way to have the oiliness off the face absorbed. To use it, you will need to boil it, cool it and then apply to the affected area. Once it dried up, remove it and observe the excellent feel of the skin.