Removing Acne Scars – An Acne Treatment

Though acne is considered a condition seen mainly in teenagers, the effects of acne are long lived. Even after completing courses of acne treatment, the pimples and pustules often leave deep scars which persist years after the acne has gone.

These acne scars are very troublesome for many individuals. Different people try different ways of concealing the. Some behind layers of makeup some keep hair styles which cover the scars and men often turn to beards, in order to hide their facial short comings.

Advances Of Acne Scar Removal Treatment

With the advancement of technology in dermatology and cosmetology, many new techniques are being used to fix acne scars as part of acne treatment.

Dermabarasion is a process where the skin is numbed and then scraped with a machine that has rotating diamond edged wheels. The process lasts for 30 minutes to one hour and full recovery is seen in a few weeks.

Chemical peels are simpler procedures, which involve the use of acids which remove the top layer of skin. This is best used for mild scarring and often has to be repeated to gain full effect.

A surgical advancement in acne treatment is the use of the punch technique. There are three main ways of using this technique. In the punch replacement technique the acne scar is removed and replaced with a graft and this is seen to be the most successful for deep scars. In the punch excision technique the scar is removed in the same way, but allowed to heal after wound closure. The last technique is the punch elevation technique in which the scar is cut loose from the bottom and allowed to float up to the top.

Subcision is similar to punch elevation, except that after removal of the scar, a pool of blood is allowed to form, under the scar. This clot forms tissue and thus brings the scar up to the surface.

Augmentation is a procedure in acne treatment in which a material is injected under the scar. This brings it up immediately, bringing about immediate recovery.
Augmentation often follows subcision to make the process complete.

Each procedure should be carefully chosen, keeping the subject in mind and weighing it’s pros and cons. Studies are still being conducted in order to find the best and fastest way to reach an acne treatment which will get rid of these facial deformities as completely as possible.