Prescription Acne Treatment – What Does it Involve?

Those who have tried all the methods out there to no avail usually turn to medicine with a vengeance. In their desperation to get rid of the dreadful acne, they will be willing to do anything that it takes. Most of the treatments that are recommended by the doctor are based on the benzyl peroxide. This type of treatment has proved to be quite successful in most occasions. It is still the most reliable treatment.

For mild attacks, the prescription for acne medication would be indeed to treat the acne with the benzyl peroxide. This could go on till the scars, acne and all will very gradually disappear. There are also local applications that help tremendously – these would need to the applied topically and are retinol based. If the acne is really bad, then the prescription for acne medication would include the retinoids for oral consumption as well.

The downside of using the retinoids is that once you use them, the skin becomes extremely sensitive to the sun (which is indeed good, as then you will have to take better care about your skin). For this purpose, you either should stop going out in the sun often during the treatment and/or apply sunscreen lotions.

Hence, no matter what type of prescription for acne medication you follow there will be some major advantages and major disadvantage. The crux of the matter is to find one who is matching your expectations in results, cost and feasibility. There is no best prescription for acne medication or acne prescription treatment wrinkle acne sensitive skin – as all of the available medications have serious side effects. However, it will take some time for you to find the perfect match in terms of prescription for acne medication.

Antibiotics agains acne

Lastly, if nothing else works, you have the antibiotics. This treatment usually involves a course of antibiotics which stretches over a period of 4-5 weeks. Many times this treatment works, but mostly it ends up misbalancing the natural yeast equilibrium and the person starts developing other problems.

The nature of the medicines and quality of the course very much depends upon the type of the doctor, how much experience he/she has in the field and how well he/she understood your problem. The prescription for acne medication will of course mirror the doctor’s expertise and capacity to fight against the battle.

Hence, the best advice would be that you choose a doctor who has a great reputation and who is not money minded.