Natural Acne Treatment Guide

The question of finding natural acne treatment sources indirectly asks two questions: (1) what is natural? (2) What is not natural? Putting in simple words, natural sources include those that modify your diet and thus relieve acne symptoms; cleanse the internal body organs; and/or use herbs as means of nutrients for liver (and other organs), and also for cleansing them. Non-natural sources include prescribed medicines, sharp chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide, and food additives or highly processed food. What follows is a short but complete natural acne treatment guide.

Bowel Movement

While most people have their bowels emptied once every 24 hours, natural bowel movement should be more frequent. Additionally, a full bowel movement should be completed in 30 seconds. If it takes more than that, the digestion is slow, mainly because of the nature of hard-to-digest food. The poisonous waste is thus lying in the intestines for long and the ultimate result is acne. The best way to make your bowels go easily is to stop taking refined foods and red meat, or lower their intake. Alternatively, use any of the popular herbal remedies available in the market. 4 Total Cleanse is one such useful herbal remedy for acne that works by improving bowel function.

Parasite Cleansing

Next step in the natural acne treatment is cleansing your gut of parasites that can cause infections and lead to acne. Herbal formulas are available for parasite cleansing and you can use them in combination with herbal remedies for bowel movements.

Dietary Changes

You need to stop eating foods that poison you from inside. Two important elements to eliminate from your daily foods are sugar and fats. Refined sugar should be stopped altogether from entering your stomach. This means no sodas, fruit juice and other sugary drinks, and candies etc. Certainly, some source must replace these items or how will the body’s machinery run. The solution is nutritional supplements that come in the form of powder, commonly called Superfoods or Green Drinks. These increase the body’s antioxidant level and hence serve as natural acne treatment.

Among fats, hydrogenated oils should be totally avoided, which means no snack crackers, trail mixes, and cookies. The best items to replace these fats are nuts, seeds, olive oil, cod-liver oil, and coconut oil.

Other Harmful Ingredients

As part of the natural acne treatment, you must stop taking toxic ingredients like Monosodium glutamate or MSG (found in vegan hamburgers) and the neurotoxin Aspartame (found in diet soda).

Combinations Of Food

Eating the right foods together is a unique natural acne treatment. Nutritionists suggest that you eat fruit alone without combining them with other foods, and especially not after a heavy meal. Vegetables should be taken in with oil or meat, but not with both at the same time. Salad is ok to take with all kinds of vegetables. Finally, starches (potatoes, bread) should not be taken with meats.

Internal Cleansing

The main focus of natural acne treatment is on internal cleansing. This works differently for different body organs like kidneys and liver. Again, pick some nice herbal formula for cleansing each of these organs.