Acne Scarring – How To Prevent Acne Scars From Happening

When people have acne, the next thing they will have is acne scarring. Sometimes this is the result of people’s attempts to remove the acne by pressing, scratching or pinching them and sometimes it is because the skin gets inflamed with infection after which it scars. When the infection takes its course, it will many times, leave in its wake some type of acne scarring.

Prevention And Treatment Of Acne Scarring

For all those who subscribe to the saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ my advice is just that. Prevent acne scarring rather than seek treatment for it. There is noting more depressing to see and know that you have acne scarring. Hence, why should you allow it to happen in the first place?

Prevention involves cleaning the face regularly with an anti-oil substance such as vinegar, lemon juice and so on. Vitamin B5 should be consumed on a daily basis with a high dosage of 10 grams per day. Besides, you should ensure that your diet includes sufficient fruits and green vegetables and less fatty foods and chocolates.

If, in spite of all these steps you still land up with acne, a very good treatment is called for to removing acne scars. There are many very effective homemade remedies; however, we can look into these at a later stage. From among the best available in the medical world, you will have micro-Dermabrasion, Dermabrasion, chemical peels, skin grafting, and laser resurfacing and so on. Each one these treatments are exceptional with their result in removing the acne scarring.

Micro-Dermabrasion – with this technique, the skin surface will be scratched off using aluminum oxide crystals which are pushed through a vacuum tube. In this way they skin that causes problem is scratched off, and new skin will come back. When this happens, your acne scarring would have been long gone.

Dermabrasion – this is one of the most common methods to remove a lot of scars not only those which are acne related. However, it is slowly loosing ground to other methods because of the danger posed regarding exposure and mixing of blood while this type of surgery is done. The technique is more or less like the micro-Dermabrasion with similar results.

The Chemical Peel for acne scar removal also involves the removal of the upper layer of the skin and along with it all the problems and scars it has. The chemicals used for this purpose are, alpha hydroxyl acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and so on.

The latest in this line is the laser resurfacing method. This is still not perfected and there are threats of severe bacterial infections as well as viral problems. This process is done under general anesthesia and can be successful in removing the deepest of deepest acne scars.