Acne Care Advice

We can think of providing people with acne care advice for their skin in two basic ways: inside- out, and external care. The inside-out approach requires that you attain a balanced hormonal environment inside your body through food, water, medicine, and other edibles. It helps to heal from the inside. Conversely, you can care for your skin by treating it with care in matter of cleanliness, exposure to sunlight etc. This is what the external care demands. Following advice is centered on the external acne care approach.

Cleaning The Skin

The majority of skin care specialists suggest gentle rubbing of acne-affected skin with a mild cleansing agent. This should be done at least twice daily, once in the morning and then in the evening. But if someone engages in a heavy exercise routine, a shower after each sweating episode is necessary so as not to let the sweat accumulate and harbor bacteria. Counter to this advice, some people try to deal with acne by scrubbing their affected skin. All this does is make the condition worse. After washing the face, rinse it thoroughly.

Astringents And Shampoo

Proper acne care demands that astringents should not be used except in case of too oily skin. Shampooing the hair daily is also good for acne, especially for those with excessively oily skin.

Teasing The Skin

The best acne care advice would always discourage acne patients from frequently teasing their acne-affected skin. Squeezing and pinching or picking of blemishes can result in the appearance of scars or dark blotches. No rubbing and teasing of skin lesions or things will get worse.


Being male means that you’ll be shaving. And if you are a man with acne, the shaving business demands extra care. First, you have to choose between a safety razor and an electric one. If a safety razor works well for you, use a sharp blade. Also, make your beard fairly soft with water and soap before you apply shaving cream. Shave lightly so that you do not cut through or into the blemishes. Try to avoid frequent shaving.

Exposure To Sun

Several medicinal formulas used to treat acne make the skin extra sensitive to sunlight. Acne care thus necessitates that the acne patient try to check his/her exposure to sunlight. Sun can play havoc on the skin by causing it to age rapidly and also by a greater risk of skin cancer.


People suffering from acne should choose cosmetics like products for hair and skin that are oil free.