Types of Acne Treatment

Unfortunately, there are many individuals that do not seek acne treatment when they are adolescents and end up having very damaged skin with scars in it. Although the acne treatment is not always effective, it is usually beneficial in preventing the breakout from getting worse and for targeting the worst problem areas in the skin. It also helps to diminish the lasting effects of the acne scarring, providing treatment before the scarring ever occurs. There are ways, however, to diminish the acne scars after they have occurred, although the methods do not eliminate all of the scars on the face. In addition, the age of the person seeking the treatment, the type and severity of the scar and tolerance to different medicines or procedures also affects the success of the acne treatment.

Acne Treatment Methods

For people who have many different types of scarring from acne, one acne treatment is to use subcision. This method uses several different treatment sessions to lift the surface of the scar to the level of the skin so that the skin looks smooth again. Since the procedure has to be repeated and there is bruising after the treatment for almost a week, there are some people who cannot practically use this method of acne treatment. There are also some bleeding issues while healing that can be a problem if the person wants to be able to immediately go back to work.

There is another method of acne treatment that is used for mild scarring and is called the TCA cross. In this method, there is an acid called trichloracetic that is put on each scar on the face. It seems to help the skin to produce the collagen it needs to bring the base of the scar up to the surface of the skin so that the skin is made flat again. For people who have deep scar damage, there is a filler method of treatment for acne that uses a synthetic gel to fill the scars in and make the skin look naturally smooth once again. This method uses injections to place the gel where it needs to be to fill in the deep scar damage on the face. There is also a method for those who have the really deep scars that are called ice-pick scars or boxcar scars. In this method, the scar itself is removed and the skin that remains is sewn back together, creating a thin scar that, when healed, is barely noticeable in comparison to the acne scar that was once there.

A Cure for Mild Scarring? Acne Scar Laser Treatment

There are some acne patients who have scarring on their faces that is embarrassing to them and they want to get rid of it. However, many of the methods that are available today are very painful and require down time from work, which is not an option for many people. The treatment is also not often covered by the insurance that the person might have, so in addition to losing work time, the entire cost of the procedure must be covered out of pocket. Although there are often payment methods that people can use to cover the cost, this is still a big decision and commitment to smooth out the skin of the face. For those with mild scarring, there are a few methods that may work to solve their problem. One of these is called the acne scar laser treatment. For those who have deeper, pitted scarring, there are other methods, such as the acne scar removal treatment.

How Acne Scar Laser Treatment Works

There are some acne scar laser treatments that use lasers that are hot, and are used to remove the top layers of the skin and stimulate the collagen beneath. In this way, the scars are removed with the top layers of skin and the collagen stimulation helps with the healing process and to make the skin fuller and healthier looking once the healing has occurred. The problem with these acne skin laser treatments is that they are expensive and that they often require more than one session to complete the treatment. The recovery is also painful since the top layers have been taken off of the skin, and require the patient to recover at home rather than being able to go about day to day activities.

Today, there is another acne scar laser treatment called the Fraxel laser. This laser does not have the same issues that the other CO2 or Erbium lasers have on the person’s skin. Instead of having to refrain from work and from using any makeup, after these treatments, the person can wear makeup right away and can go back to work. There is only a mild, topical anesthetic used on the skin for the treatment so it does not cause the side effects that can be felt from other types. The main side effects from this acne scar laser treatment is that the skin may become slightly swollen or red for a few days after the treatment, but it is usually not anything that will prevent the person from doing daily activities.

Deep Scarring: Acne Scar Removal Treatment

Although there are many methods that are available for those who have milder scarring from acne, there are not as many options for those who have the deep, pitted scars called ice-pick scars. These scars are deep and catch the shadows so that they are more noticeable. They are difficult to cover since they are so deep and are thus often the impetus to find the treatment that will help to smooth them out of the skin. There are acne scar removal methods that are all very painful and usually have to be paired with other natural acne scar treatments so that the milder scars around the deep ones can be smoothed out as well. The acne scar removal treatments are just what they sound like. The deep scars are removed surgically and the skin that remains is sewn back together to form a smaller, smoother scar.

Are There Better Methods For Acne Scar Removal Treatment?

The acne scar removal treatment does not sound as though it would be effective; however, the scar that remains is less noticeable and easier to cover than the deep, ice-pick scar that was once there. There are other methods besides the acne scar removal treatment that can be used, such as punch elevation. In the punch elevation method, unlike the acne scar removal treatment, only the bottom of the scar is cut away from the skin that is holding it at the base. In this way, the base of the scar can be elevated to the surface of the skin where it is held with a strip or glue until it heals at surface level. This method can be successful if the sides of the pitted scar are flat so that the completed look will be as smooth as possible.

Another type of method that is used in place of the acne scar removal treatment is that of fillers. In this method, the scars are filled in by using a filling agent that is made from silicone or other material. In this way, the skin is raised up to the level of the other skin and the scar is not very noticeable any longer. In all of these methods, however, the person will have to take time off of work to heal. The last method will cause the least time to recover but the others will usually require a week to heal. The acne scar removal treatment will also require about that amount of time to heal as does the punch method.

Why Puppy Acne Is Such A Big Deal For Teenagers

Most teenagers, at some point in time, have heard the clichéd words that acne is just part of growing up. How they hate those words from their parents or physicians because they feel the ones saying it have no idea what they’re going through. The truth is that it is highly likely that a parent or other adult knows exactly what the teenager is going through because they have been there themselves, not too long ago.

In order to exercise patience with our kids who have matured from messy toddlers to teenagers with hormonal havoc, we need to remind ourselves that they have a short term view of life. Everything is for now and, at the most, for tomorrow. They haven’t seen life to plan ahead or are not able to look past a particular obstacle.

Outward Appearances of acne

Teenagers also focus greatly on outward appearances. Regardless of how messy their room is at home, they want to look great when going to school. Acne is something they can not hide and hence despair when they hear consolation from parents with clear skin.

They feel succumbed to peer pressure when cheeky thirteen year olds make jokes or pass sarcastic comments like ‘pimple face’ and the like. They are at a vulnerable age where they get impressed with celebrities and wonder why teenage stars do not have acne problems if they are the same age. Little do they understand is that what they see on glossy magazine covers or in the movies is a result of hours of professional grooming, styling – and air brushing too!

They feel helpless as the over-the-counter acne medication doesn’t provide dramatic overnight miraculous results. They want everything done yesterday and can not wait for a few days or weeks to pass to see results. Instead, they try to expedite the process by self-medicating or picking at pimples, only making matters worse.

Acne comes unannounced and despite myths that greasy food or sugary drinks can aggravate it, it can attack any unsuspecting sixteen year old, even on the night before her prom. The perfect dress that she spent weeks looking for seems a waste when she sees the sudden outbreak of puppy acne on her face. Unfortunately, layers of make-up may just worsen the case instead of improving it.

What we need to teach by example to our young and impressionable children, is how we understand this may be hard for them, but that we should all focus on inner beauty- in ourselves and in others. Acne may go after a few years, but a disease or a disability may affect your –or your loved ones – outward appearance later on in life, and if you appreciated what’s on the inside, you will never even notice the difference!