Trial and Error: Finding the Best Treatment for Adult Acne

Female adult acne treatment has been on the rise since there are about thirty percent of adult females that will get adult acne in their lifetime. Unfortunately, these statistics are not much better for men, since there are about twenty percent of adult men who will have adult acne at some point in their lives as well. Finding the best treatment for adult acne is often a tedious process of trial and error. Every person’s skin is different requiring different methods of treating the acne. There are certain things that should be done by everyone who suffers with adult acne, however, that have been proven to be some of the best treatment options for adult acne.

Skin Care And Best Treatment for Adult Acne

One step that is important but many adults fail to do is to cleanse the skin more than once per day. Often, the shower in the morning is the only time that the skin is cleansed. In the best treatments for adult acne, the skin is cleansed twice per day and is kept as dry and clean as possible at all times. By doing so, the oily substance that the skin creates that causes the pores to get clogged is cleaned off and kept off the skin so that the clogging never has a chance to occur. Thus, a strict regimen of cleansing and moisturizing the skin is the first step in the best treatment for adult acne.

Choosing the cleansers is an important step as well in the best adult acne treatment since the cleanser needs to be gently enough not to irritate the skin but harsh enough to remove the oils from the skin that can clog the pores. Cleansers that have any particles in them for exfoliating the skin should not be used because they can worsen a breakout when it occurs by making the skin irritated. Moisturizers should also be chosen carefully in the best acne treatment for adults since these moisturizers should not clog up the pores after the skin is cleansed. Instead, the moisturizers should help to keep the pores unclogged, such as through the use of retinol in the moisturizing products. Also, there are some creams that have benzoyl peroxide which is very effective in limiting breakouts when they occur and can be applied just to the problem areas rather than the entire face.

There are also some prescription medications that can be effective in limiting the breakouts in adult acne and are some of the best treatments. For women, often birth control pills are a way to regulate the hormones that are causing the imbalance in the skin.