Painful Irritation: Adult Cystic Acne Treatment

After people go through the painful teenaged years, they think that they are done with acne and all of the embarrassment that goes with it. However, there are often scars that are left from the acne that cause lasting embarrassment, and there is also the possibility that the acne will follow them into adulthood. This brings a need for adult cystic acne treatment. Some of the acne treatment methods are natural while others are medically based and must be prescribed or done by doctors. It is important for individuals who have adult cystic acne to get treatment so that the pustules that are under the skin do not get worse, allowing the bacteria to spread further into the skin, damaging it.

Can Cleansing and Moisturizing be Considered Adult Cystic Acne Treatment

The two most important aspects of adult cystic acne treatment is cleansing and moisturizing the skin. If the skin is not properly taken care of the oil on the skin can build up and mix with dirt and bacteria to clog the pores and cause the pustules in the skin. These pustules or cysts are painful and can also sometimes itch, which only escalates the condition, spreading the bacteria throughout the skin and often breaking the surface of the skin open. When the skin is properly cleansed and moisturized, the oils do not have a chance to build up and cause the outbreak, which is why it is the first step in adult cystic acne treatment.

The moisturizers should be made with retinol in them so that the skin is hydrated but the pores are also kept clean. There are some moisturizers that actually clog the pores and this is damaging to the skin if there is a problem with cystic acne. The cleansers should be free of any particles in them so that they do not irritate the skin and escalate the condition. There are two gently cleansers called Aquanil and Cetaphil that seem to work well in many adult cystic acne treatments. The skin should be cleansed every morning and evening and it should also be kept as dry as possible during the day so that the bacteria do not have the chance to grow.

When there is an outbreak, there are some adult cystic acne treatments that can be used topically to stop them. There are topical antibiotics that can be used to kill the bacteria that cause the pustules. There is also a product that is called benzoyl peroxide that is found in many creams that can be applied to help with outbreaks.