Different Options in Facial Acne Scar Treatment

There are some adults who not only had to deal with acne when they were children, but now have to continue battling it as adults. There are some adult acne treatment options that they can use, usually all decided upon through the guidance of a dermatologist. If the acne is not treated effectively, the acne will leave permanent scarring on the skin. This scarring can be mild, leaving only a roughness to the skin that can be covered by makeup in most cases. The scarring can also be fairly deep, leaving pock marked placed on the skin that cannot be covered by makeup because they are so deep. When the scarring occurs, the individuals will often seek different methods to help to make the skin smoother again. This is especially difficult if the person still has acne as an adult because future outbreaks can undo the work done through the treatments.

Facial Acne Scar Treatment From A Doctor or at Home

Methods of facial acne scar treatment that are done in the doctor’s office are expensive, but they are also fairly effective in most cases. There are some methods that are good for those with mild scarring, such as getting a chemical peel. There are other methods that are used for deep scarring, such as excising the scar. Each of these methods requires some recovery time on the part of the patient, which can be troublesome since the procedure is expensive and the person does not always have the time to take off of work. These facial acne scar treatments are also fairly painful, leaving bleeding, bruising, swelling and redness on the face that takes days or weeks to subside. People who are considering going in this direction should be sure to weigh the cost before getting one of these facial acne scar treatments.

There are also some facial acne scar treatments that can be tried around the home. These treatments usually use some sort of fruit or vegetable that has healing qualities in it. One facial acne scar treatment is through the use of honey, which can be used as a facial mask to give nutrients to the skin and smooth it out. Another method is to use egg whites, applying them to the scars on the face and leaving it there overnight. This method of facial acne scar treatment is said to have the effect of not only smoothing the skin but of also preventing more acne from occurring.