Deep Scarring: Acne Scar Removal Treatment

Although there are many methods that are available for those who have milder scarring from acne, there are not as many options for those who have the deep, pitted scars called ice-pick scars. These scars are deep and catch the shadows so that they are more noticeable. They are difficult to cover since they are so deep and are thus often the impetus to find the treatment that will help to smooth them out of the skin. There are acne scar removal methods that are all very painful and usually have to be paired with other natural acne scar treatments so that the milder scars around the deep ones can be smoothed out as well. The acne scar removal treatments are just what they sound like. The deep scars are removed surgically and the skin that remains is sewn back together to form a smaller, smoother scar.

Are There Better Methods For Acne Scar Removal Treatment?

The acne scar removal treatment does not sound as though it would be effective; however, the scar that remains is less noticeable and easier to cover than the deep, ice-pick scar that was once there. There are other methods besides the acne scar removal treatment that can be used, such as punch elevation. In the punch elevation method, unlike the acne scar removal treatment, only the bottom of the scar is cut away from the skin that is holding it at the base. In this way, the base of the scar can be elevated to the surface of the skin where it is held with a strip or glue until it heals at surface level. This method can be successful if the sides of the pitted scar are flat so that the completed look will be as smooth as possible.

Another type of method that is used in place of the acne scar removal treatment is that of fillers. In this method, the scars are filled in by using a filling agent that is made from silicone or other material. In this way, the skin is raised up to the level of the other skin and the scar is not very noticeable any longer. In all of these methods, however, the person will have to take time off of work to heal. The last method will cause the least time to recover but the others will usually require a week to heal. The acne scar removal treatment will also require about that amount of time to heal as does the punch method.