A New Cystic Acne Laser Treatment Called Photodynamic Acne Treatment

There are various kinds of skin infections to worry about including blackheads, pimples and of course acne and these infections occur mostly on skins that are especially sensitive. When people develop cystic acne the condition can be especially trying and painful which is why such a form of acne demands immediate attention. Cystic acne laser treatment is one solution to the problem though even this treatment method cannot ensure overnight success. Unlike other forms of acne, cystic acne requires longer treatments and in any case the treatment must be done by a doctor and you should not try and treat it at home on your own.

Does Cystic Acne Laser Treatment Targets Bacteria

Cystic acne will affect people in different ways and some of the main causes of this kind of acne include dirt and also hormonal changes though there is no one specific age group that is targeted by this disease. Bacteria is one of the main reasons that people develop cystic acne and so when treating this condition it is necessary to target the bacteria that have infected the follicles and to eliminate the infection requires using strong measures such as cystic acne laser treatment.

The latest in cystic acne laser treatment, a process called Photodynamic Acne Treatment (PDT) using Levulan has done wonders in so far as treating cystic acne goes. Prior to this method Accutane was being used though it used to give rise to many side effects such as suffering abnormalities of the liver and even birth defects as too suffering from extremely dry skin and having mood depression and so is not recommended.

Photodynamic acne treatment on the other hand is safer cystic acne laser treatment that starts with some Levulan or ALA being applied to the patient’s skin and then this application is allowed to remain for between thirty and forty-five minutes in what is called an incubation period. This is followed by application of light beams in the blue spectrum and in ten minutes this cystic acne laser treatment will reduce production of oil in the skin and the appearance of the pores get to be minimized.

With cystic acne laser treatment it is also possible to own an entirely new skin texture that is vastly improved and smoother as well. Following this kind of cystic acne laser treatment the patient’s skin might turn red and some amount of skin might also peel off and even crust for a few days. The main advantage to using PDT cystic acne laser treatment is that you get rapid results and the acne lesions will disappear without needing to use surgical means to do so. About two to five treatments conducted every three to four weeks should help you get maximum benefits from your cystic acne laser treatment.

You can also choose acne spot treatment to remove acne scars from your skin. However, before opting for such treatment you must consult your dermatologist that will identify suitable treatment for your skin condition.