A Cure for Mild Scarring? Acne Scar Laser Treatment

There are some acne patients who have scarring on their faces that is embarrassing to them and they want to get rid of it. However, many of the methods that are available today are very painful and require down time from work, which is not an option for many people. The treatment is also not often covered by the insurance that the person might have, so in addition to losing work time, the entire cost of the procedure must be covered out of pocket. Although there are often payment methods that people can use to cover the cost, this is still a big decision and commitment to smooth out the skin of the face. For those with mild scarring, there are a few methods that may work to solve their problem. One of these is called the acne scar laser treatment. For those who have deeper, pitted scarring, there are other methods, such as the acne scar removal treatment.

How Acne Scar Laser Treatment Works

There are some acne scar laser treatments that use lasers that are hot, and are used to remove the top layers of the skin and stimulate the collagen beneath. In this way, the scars are removed with the top layers of skin and the collagen stimulation helps with the healing process and to make the skin fuller and healthier looking once the healing has occurred. The problem with these acne skin laser treatments is that they are expensive and that they often require more than one session to complete the treatment. The recovery is also painful since the top layers have been taken off of the skin, and require the patient to recover at home rather than being able to go about day to day activities.

Today, there is another acne scar laser treatment called the Fraxel laser. This laser does not have the same issues that the other CO2 or Erbium lasers have on the person’s skin. Instead of having to refrain from work and from using any makeup, after these treatments, the person can wear makeup right away and can go back to work. There is only a mild, topical anesthetic used on the skin for the treatment so it does not cause the side effects that can be felt from other types. The main side effects from this acne scar laser treatment is that the skin may become slightly swollen or red for a few days after the treatment, but it is usually not anything that will prevent the person from doing daily activities.